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The purpose of the Guild is to serve the community by providing opportunities for enrichment through the visual arts, embracing and promoting all types of art, and encouraging interest and participation in the arts.  We don’t just want artists! A love for the visual arts is all that you need!

You can be part of this important mission through your annual membership or supporting contribution.  Donations in any amount are welcome and appreciated. 

Individual Supporting Members

(non-exhibiting) can join for $25, or $50 family. If you would simply like to donate you can do that also, with our gratitude!

Click the buttons at left. 

If you are interested in exhibiting in the Gallery, please complete the Online AGP Artist Application Form here.

We create art that inspires, elevates, and enriches the lives of those who purchase them.

Our gallery is a great place to get to know the rich variety and excellence of the art in Paducah. We hope you will join us in supporting this vibrant scene.

Serving as a nexus of artistic expression and community engagement, a visit to the gallery might just inspire you to become a part of it!